Custom Lead Mailers

Benefits of direct mail over other forms of advertising

Direct mail marketing for lead generation is often more effective than running an ad in a newspaper or magazine that's already cluttered with ads. By using Custom Mailers you have more written space to explain and sell your services and products than you would in an expensive small magazine or newspaper ad. Instead of competing for qualified sales leads with large companies, with noticeably larger ads and enormous advertising budgets, you only compete with the other direct mail pieces in that person's mailbox. Regardless of the advertising budget every company big or small that mails shares the same physical limitations of a direct mail piece. This is where we can help you excel to beat the competition and have your Custom Mailers stand out.

A well-designed direct mail campaign will allow you to accurately measure your success and subsequently make modifications to your direct mail marketing campaign to improve/maximize your qualified sales leads response. Unlike other forms of mass advertising, you can target your audience directly by getting the right offer to the right person - this will simply increase your response rate with qualified sales leads, as well as your closing ratio. Understanding your audience and the unique benefits that your company can offer to them is the key to an effective direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail is a particularly attractive option for small business owners because it can communicate complete information about a product or service and reach almost any target audience and all for a relatively low cost. A small business could use a Custom Mailers for their direct mail marketing to inform potential customers about its offerings, and then follow up with a phone call or a visit from a salesperson. Owners of start-up businesses or b2b may find direct mail an effective method of creating awareness and interest in a new product, while owners of existing companies may find it useful in generating new business outside of their usual customer base or geographic area.

Direct mail is also an effective medium in business-to-business marketing. In addition to making sales, business-to-business direct mail can be used to generate sales leads and reinforce the personal selling effort.

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