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The bulk of our direct mail lead generation comes from the insurance sector of the mailing industry. As a result, we cater strongly to our roots by offering specialization and customization for direct mail leads. In addition, to creating custom mailersCustom Lead Mailers By using Custom Mailers you have more written space to explain and sell your services and products. for your particular needs, we offer field tested direct mail leads, designed and ready to be mailed. Crafting an effective direct mail marketing piece requires more than just the right wording. The look and feel must be appropriate for the target. Effective marketing establishes communication that creates intimacy with the consumer, who should fell as though you are speaking to them specifically. Each person that responds to your direct mail advertising campaign is looking for the service or products that you provide. All you have to do is use a little old-fashioned salesmanship and proven marketing strategy to change OUR leads into YOUR customers.

The Lead Connection services are designed to keep you and your business hopping with direct mail lead generation. Nothing says "I own a business" like running a successful workplace.

The Process

Direct Mail Services

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Direct Mail campaigns depend upon a reliable source for lead generation. In addition to targeting demographics, providing superb turn around time is imperative in the mailing process.

Placing your order today for direct mail lead generation will ensure that you lock down your zip codes for 90 days. Be sure to ask if we offer discount pricing with your carrier.

Please Note:
At no time does The Lead Connection, Inc. guarantee response rates on turn-key orders. The Lead Connection, Inc. reserves the right to change our mail pieces at any time.

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